The Hidden Killer

Pollution in the air kills 7 million people annually. The World Health Organization (WHO) is speaking out about it. Eight out of ten inhabitants on the planet deteriorate their health with every breath and this is not only because of acute respiratory diseases and lung problems. A large-scale study of 12 countries showed a strong link between exposure to polluted air and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer. WHO shows the statistics of deaths caused by air pollution.

The results are terrifying:
• 40% – ischemic heart disease;
• 40% – stroke;
• 11% – chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD);
• 6% – lung cancer;
• 3% – acute lower respiratory infections in children.

The most common killer diseases literally draw their power from the air. If air pollution was reduced, we could save millions of lives! Since the greatest environmental pollution occurs as the result of electricity production, the task of each of us is to replace traditional energy with a “green” alternative.

If you are on this page, then you are probably interested in how solar blinds SolarGaps will help you maintain your health and reduce your CO2 footprint.

The first and most important factor is green energy. Using green energy will reduce the need for burning fossil fuels, and less hazardous substances will be released into the air.

The second factor is the shading effect.
It will help maintain a lower temperature in the room, and you will need to use the air conditioner less. The operation of an air conditioner harms not only your health , due to the dehumidification air in the room. The composition of 80% of air conditioners includes freon, which has a destructive effect on the ozone layer and contributes to global warming.

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If these reasons haven’t convinced you that you need SolarGaps yet maybe this will. Solar blinds block both direct and indirect exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which if you are exposed to large quantities of ultraviolet radiation then it creates a very comfortable condition for the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. By the way, the aluminum coating of solar panels blocks infrared rays, which protects against various types of wiretapping and tracking. Perhaps this will also save someone’s health.

GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN. Improve your health.

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